M A D A M E ‘ S    E M A I L  D O M I N A T I O N

For those of you that simply do not have the time for instant Webcam and Telephone Domination or the opportunity to come and serve Me in person I offer an email service.

For a fee of £1 per day for Email Domination and £3 per day for Video Domination (for a minimum of five days, Monday - Friday) you will receive instructions in your inbox (email or video, depending on your choice of Domination) that can vary from simple chores to the extreme.  In the first communication I shall gather what tasks are best suited for you.  However, the main purpose of these tasks is to push you and introduce you to things you may not have experienced before.

I expect your submissions to the tasks to reach me before midnight the same day.  I do not accept failure.

Examples of some of My Email Domination slaves can be found here.

madame@madamelunauk.com   07504 207435

In the first week I send out a variety of tasks that include humiliation, display, CBT and forced-exercise.  If you complete all the tasks to My satisfaction from Monday to Thursday you are rewarded with a ‘release’ on Friday.  That is the day you are allowed to cum for Me.  As the weeks go on I tailor the tasks to fit in with your particular kinks, and as such the release days do become more ‘interesting!’

So far I have had Email Domination slaves reach complete tasks into Days 50, 60, 85 but only ever one slave that has reached (and continued on from) Day 100!  I would like to see someone beat ‘slave SS’ and his 100+ day reign, but I suspect he will continue for more!

If you wish to sign up for My Email Domination you will need to contact Me and send your fee before 10pm (GMT) on the Sunday before the tasks are sent out the following day.


5 days

10 days

15 days

20 days

25 days

30 days















Payment can be made via Amazon Gift Card.

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