I now have the excitement of Two Blackmail Slaves (numbers ‘4’ and ‘5’) vying for My attention.  I hope My new slave impresses as much as My current one, very big shoes to fill!  

The welcome return of Madame’s Hangman where you get a chance to guess the full name, location and date of birth of My Blackmail slave!

Each time a slave fails to impress Me I shall allow people to guess a letter (or number) via My Twitter page.  This should keep him on his toes.

Blackmail Slave ‘4’

And now to introduce My newest slave to the Contract who signed up on 26 February 2016.

He had an initial three months to impress Me before he wimped out.

Blackmail Slave ‘5’

M A D A M E ‘ S    B L A C K M A I L

I am often asked whether I offer blackmail services.  The answer is that I do, however, there are certain things that must be made clear from the outset.  Blackmail is an extreme facet of Domination roleplay and as such there has to be honesty and trust between both Domme and slave.  

At no point am I seeking to destroy your personal life or financial status.  By placing your trust in Me to begin the blackmail you must set your limits before the contract is signed.  You have the right to call a timeout or cancel the blackmail at any time.

If you are serious about being blackmailed you may email Me to discuss the contract.  You will need to prove yourself by completing ten days’ of Email Domination before I draw up a Contract.

madame@madamelunauk.com   07504 207435

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